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Bars 4

Throughout the UK. Any Event. Any Location.

  • What type of events do you supply bars to?
    We can supply bars for Any Event, Any Time, Anywhere.
  • Do you have the correct insurance to supply outside bars?
    Yes we do. We have full public liability insurance and employers liability insurance. Copies of our insurance cover can be sent out by email upon request. We also always provide our insurance document in our Health & Safety event packs.
  • Do you deal with the relevant alcohol licences?
    Yes, we have many personal license holders in the company. If a TEN (Temporary Events Notice) is required we can deal with this. If a DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) is needed on a site we can also sort this out with relevant paperwork, but will only be responsible for our bar. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any licensing questions relating to your event.
  • How do I book Bars 4 Events?
    Contact us using our enquiry form or by phone or email.
  • Do you only set up in marquees?
    No! We own several marquees plus are more than happy to set up in a hired structure. As we say... we can supply bars Any Where.
  • How long does it take to set up and dismantle?
    This is all dependant on your exact requirements for your event! Our record is 1 hour set up and 30 mins dismantle but obviously the bigger the event the longer it takes! Averagely for a medium size event it is 1 day set up and half a day dismantle.
  • Do you supply everything?
    Yes! We supply the complete production. We can supply one or all of the following; Marquee(s), Bar units, Stillaging, Tables, Chairs, Beer Garden Furniture, Staff, Stock and Generator(s). Contact us to discuss the requirements for your event.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of people you can facilitate?
    No! We can supply bars to small events all the way up to six figure footfalls!
  • What time can our event stay open until?
    This will almost always be stipulated by the license. Please discuss with us your requirements and we will try to facilitate where we can.
  • Do you have a guarantee with the booking?
    Yes. Once your event is confirmed in our event diary we are 100% guaranteed for your event. We will then back this up with a bespoke confirmation of booking pack.
  • What happens if our event gets cancelled?
    Don’t we all just love the British weather! We totally understand that things happen out of anyone’s control. We just ask for as much notice as possible. Pitch fees & booking fees etc will be discussed on an individual basis.
  • How do you work pitch fees for public events?
    Pitch fees will be worked out on an individual basis between event organisers and ourselves. We work on a 100% honesty basis. Please contact us to discuss your show.
  • Do you have health & safety paperwork?
    Yes! We have been complimented several times on how thorough our health & safety packs are. We cover everything from policies to staff training to emergency procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a copy of our health & safety documents!
  • How many staff do you provide?
    This is dependant on your event requirements. We have a full time management team plus staff for our main summer season from all over the UK!
  • What drinks do you sell?
    We have our standard products which we serve including a large range of Ales, Real Cider, Lagers, Ciders, Prosecco, Wine, Large selection of Spirits plus a large range of soft drinks including non-alcoholic lager. We pride ourselves in working with local breweries/companies where we can stock local produce. Obviously every event has different requirements so please contact us to see how we can supply the drinks you would like to see at your event!
  • What are your bar prices like?
    Our public/standard price list is very much based on local pubs and we are complimented on how reasonable we are! Our B-Card price list then gives a discounted price list to exhibitors, organisers, committees & volunteers of the shows.
  • What is a B-Card?
    A B-Card is a discount card for the Bars 4 Events Ltd beer tents. We launched the scheme in 2013 to give back to the hard workers of the shows. Without these people there would be no show! Exhibiting at Steam Rallies, Country Shows and Military Shows is not a cheap hobby so to have a slightly cheaper pint only helps! The card costs £2 and lasts for life (unless you lose it or break it!) We also have ‘GROUPIE’ merchandise which can be bought through our Groupie Forum page or at our events!
  • How does your plastic cup scheme work?
    As a company we have taken large steps in lowering our carbon footprint. We now use at all of our public events reusable plastic cups. These can be personalised to the event. They require a £1 deposit from the customer who can then reuse the glass throughout the event - we will then refund them the deposit if they require, although it also makes a fantastic momento of the event.
  • What are your requirements when it comes to power & water?
    We will almost always require power, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Yes, we require water on site. It does not have to be directly in the bar location but we do require it close by.
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